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Published on 07 October 2013

A 9-year-old boy managed to sneak onto a plane bound for Las Vegas on a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis-St. Paul Thursday morning.

According to reports, the boy ran away from home and got himself to the airport on the light rail. He grabbed a bag from a luggage carousel, then had something to eat in a outside of the security checkpoint. To avoid having to pay for his food, he left the bag at his table and told the restaurant staff that he had visit the mens room. He asked them to keep an eye on the bag, then never returned.

Without a boarding pass, the boy got through security, and then onto flight 1651 to Las Vegas. Crew eventually got suspicious of the child travelling alone when he failed to have a seat assignment. The police were called and met the crew at the airport in Las Vegas when the plane landed. The boy was taken into Child Protective Services and eventually sent home.

No one is certain how the bold child was able to pass the TSA security check, the gate crew inspecting boarding passes and the crew on the flight who let him take off without a seat assignment. The TSA is blaming the government shut-down, claiming it has left them with fewer staff than usual.

Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Patrick Hogan said that in the 13 years during which he has worked at the airport, this is the first time he has heard of such an incident taking place in it, according to a report by CBS Minnesota.

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