Patriots Win Super Bowl 51

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Published on 05 February 2017


The New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons in overtime in Super Bowl 51 giving Tom Brady his 5th Super Bowl victory, and Patriot’s fans boners that will never die. Roger Goodell, was forced to hand the Lombardi Trophy to the team he tried to destroy. Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense played great in the first half of the game, but the second half belonged to Brady, and an offensive line that finally found a way to keep the pressure off of him. Julio Jones made a tremendous catch, but was almost immediately topped by an even more unbelievable catch by Julian Edelman that helped lead the Pats to a game tying touchdown late in the 4th. In over time that pats won the coin toss, and scored a touchdown to end the game. Tom Brady was named MVP, and all of America has to suffer another year with the Patriots being Super Bowl Champs.

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