USA Corrections Police Officer Abusing His Authority With Bouncer in UK 2017

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Published on 01 January 2017

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This man claiming to be working for Interpol as a USA Corrections Police Officer trying to get advantage at Nightclub using his USA Police Authority and also threatening the Door Supervisor with loss of his job for actually doing his job. Now this is either a real USA Corrections Police Officer and if so then abusing his authority with a British Citizen in Sheffield UK on New Years Day 2017, or a con man with a fake warrant card which is an offence in law within the UK. So either way he is in trouble, this Door Supervisor does not take kindly to Police Officers abusing their authority and therefore felt it necessary to make sure the public and the authorities are well aware of this corrupt man. I own the Copyright to this Video. Therefore Full CopyRight Reserved. I have this on LiveLeak also here is the Link

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