15 Unreal Creatures Explained

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Published on 06 July 2016

From see through butterflies to the amazing giraffe weevil, these are 15 Unbelievable Animals Explained !

#8 … Big Brown Blob -- In 2012, a huge sea creature was captured on video by a remote operated vehicle, or ROV. The ROV was studying a pipe for a deep-sea drilling operation near the UK when the creature appeared. A lot of theories circulated, including that this was all a hoax … But it turns out it wasn’t a hoax after all. It was identified as a “Deepstaria Enigmatica Jellyfish”. A very thin and translucent species of jellyfish that grows to over 30 feet wide.

#7 … Umbonia Spinosa -- Their name sounds like a spell Harry Potter would invoke. These insects are thought to be related to cicadas and are native to South America and are also called Treehoppers. That big dorsal fin serves the purpose of discouraging predators like birds from eating it. They also love feasting on tree sap and have a very sweet diet. This causes them to produce a sugary excrement which is favored by ants and is called honeydew -- sorry for the visual. But the ants get so addicted to this stuff that they become protective of these Treehoppers and will actually attack anything that tries to take one away. In effect, Umbonia Spinosa has its own bodyguards!

#6 … Narwhal Whale -- If you ever wondered what the whale-unicorn hybrid might look like, the Narwhal is about as close as you’re likely to get. That long tusk is usually found on males, sprouting from the head and grow as long as 10 feet. The tusk is actually an enlarged tooth with close to 10 million nerve endings inside. They prefer the Arctic waters of Greenland, Canada, Norway and Russia, and can grow as long as 17 feet and weigh over two tons!

#5 … Giraffe Weevil -- Interesting-looking to say the least it would make for a great new alien species in the movies. Native to Madagascar, the Giraffe Weevil’s name stems from it’s long neck, which is often up to 3 times longer in the males. They use that elongated neck to to fight other males over the right to mate with the females. Theyre one of the longer weevil species, growing to approximately 2.5 centimeters. Along with that size and extended neck, the insects are further distinguished by its bright red wing covers. You won’t forget that look anytime soon.
#4 … There aren’t many pictures of this on the Internet, although it’s been described as a sea creature that resembles a miniature dragon. But there’s some reason to

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