jus reign talks airport drama, twitter feud & dealing with racism growing up | ep. 1

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Published on 18 July 2016

our first guest comes all the way from the 6. the wildly popular viner/youtuber jasmeet singh, aka jusreign

during our long conversation we talk about growing up in guelph, canada. how he dealt with bullying and racism as well as what his family did to preserve their culture and identity. we also go over the past few months which has been quite the rollercoaster for him.

audio for this podcast is available at: https://soundcloud.com/apartmentpodcast/ep1
itunes coming soon.

jus reigns vine: https://vine.co/JusReign
twitter: https://twitter.com/JusReign
tsa video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1wHBx9ErSM

every monday morning, we will be hanging out with some of the biggest creators, musicians, athletes and influencers to hear their stories and find out what drives their creativity and work ethic.

asif ali (https://twitter.com/alicomedy) is a stand-up comedian and actor. he currently stars on one of the biggest comedy shows on television right now, Wrecked, on TBS.

ali baluch (https://twitter.com/baluchx) is a film maker and a producer on MTVs Ridiculousness and just cool af ;)

the show is produced by Imran J. Khan and Sumair Khan (they are not related)

special thanks to yousef erakat for the equipment

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