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Published on 27 January 2015

Exposing the truth about our world. My name is Spencer Cathcart and this is a video I wrote & created. If youd like to see more videos please subscribe:

NOTE: My video has never "disappeared" or been censored, any article claiming so is making that up for publicity. Only reuploads are removed by myself for copyright infringement. So please do not download & reupload my video. Youre encouraged to share the original Youtube link but theres no reason to download it and reupload it and doing so makes it very difficult for me to build an audience for future videos.

SUBTITLES: Watch with subtitles in over 40 languages through "Settings" in the lower right corner of the video.

My video is also available to watch on my Facebook page (

Songs used:
1) Iron Dragon - Alliance
2) Dynasty - Initiative - CMX
3) Immediate Music - Overcome Anything
4) Fringe Authority - CMX
5) Above All - Petteri Sainio
6) Confidential Music - Paradise Lost
7) Heart of the Rebellion - CMX

I have also used some footage from the films Baraka & Blue Planet.


If you would to create subtitles for another language please email me the translation to rather than upload another video. Subtitles available in over 40 languages, including Russian, Chinese (Taiwan, Hong Kong), Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian, Arabic, Dutch, Vietnamese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian,Turkish, Polish, Greek, Albanian, Bulgarian, Swedish, Croatian, Hebrew, Lithuanian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Persian/Farsi, Romanian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovak, Slovenian & more.

Below are titles that have been used for my video around the world:

- Le mensonge dans lequel nous vivons | Le mensonge que nous vivons.
- La Mentira En Que Vivimos
- Die Lüge die wir leben (De Leugen Die Wij Leven)
- Лъжата, в която живеем! Лагите Во Кои Живееме
- A mentira que vivemos (Nós vivemos uma mentira)
- 我们身处的谎言世界 发人深省的视频 已被译为28国语言!
- 震撼全球的短片,改变千万人的价值观!
- 「私達が生きるウソ」
- Kłamstwo w którym żyjemy
- La Menzogna In Cui Viviamo (La Bugia In Cui Viviamo)
- Zivot, ktery zijeme Video, které vám změní život
- Hazugságban élt életünk
- Minciuna în Care Trăim
- השקר בו אנו חי

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