The Nazi Gold of the Nazi Underground



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Published on 16 March 2014

The small villa Schloss Fuschel was owned by the foreign minister of Nazi Germany. Near the house, Joachim von Ribbentrop hid several pounds of gold coins which were recovered. Two iron boxes with over $10,000 face value in gold coins were found here after the war by a local resident. More treasure may be secreted here. High in the mountains in the area known as Ausseerland billions of dollars worth of World War II German treasure is known to have been hidden, a great deal of it said to be sunken in the icy waters of mountain lakes. In 1946, American intelligence agents found a page torn from a Nazi financial ledger listing a single cache hidden somewhere in Austria: $166,000,000 in Swiss francs, $299,000,000 in American dollars, $31,000,000,000 in gold, $3,000,000 in diamonds, $93,000,000 in stamp collections and objects of art and $5,500,000,000 in narcotics...a total value of a fantastic $37,000,000,000. So far as is known, this tremendous treasure hoard has never been found.

American fighter planes shot down a German Junker 88 on May 5, 1945 which was carrying Hitlers last mail delivery together with gold and platinum ingots. It fell on a glacier in the Alps and is said to be lying under the clear waters of Lake Atter in the Salzburg region. It has not been seen since that day.500,000,000 gold francs in Nazi-era treasure lies hidden in the area of Aussee, 37 miles from Salzburg and at the southwestern tip of two mountain lakes which are 6 miles long and traversed by a stream which is a tributary of the traun.

In July of 1959, German technicians working with ultrasonic depth finders and underwater television cameras pinpointed 16 cases in Lake Toplitz in Austria at a depth of between 38 and 44 fathoms. Several of these were brought up and found to contain perfect forgeries of British sterling notes to the value of 8,500,000 pounds. From the Nazi masters of counterfeiting, it was the major trump card for "operation Bernhardt" calculated to upset the Allied economy. Ingots of solid gold lie alongside the other watertight containers according to reliable sources, as well as additional counterfeit currency. .

Hitlers treasure of the Third Reich was dumped into Lake Toplitz near the Devils Trashcan in the Styrian Alps. The cache includes billions in gold, gems and other valuables in addition to secret records of the Nazi party-all encased in waterproof caches. William Canaris, the Nazi intelligence chief until he fell during the 1944 Gen

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