Top 10 Hidden Treasures Yet To Be Found



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Published on 14 April 2015

Welcome to Top10Archive! From lost Nazi treasure sunk at the bottom of an Austrian lake, to one of the most expensive brain teasers in history, the Beale ciphers, in this video we are going to dive into or in other cases dig into ten hidden treasures that are still up for grabs.

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10. Forrest Fenn’s Treasure Hunt
9. The Ultimate “Money Pit”
8. Nazi Treasure in Lake Toplitz
7. 200 Million Off The Coast Of Florida
6. The Beale Ciphers
5. The 100 Year Old Lost Dimes
4. Treasure Fleet of 1715
3. The Lost City Of Paititi
2. Pure Gold Statues in Coco’s Island Cave
1. King John’s Crown Jewels


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